About us

goodlooking is a real-time AI (machine-learning) software.

Its purpose is to improve your appearance on online video meetings.

We are currently developing new cool features, that will make it possible for you to transfer makeup from an image of you or another model to your face. It will look as if you are wearing the transfered makeup. 

goodlooking is a unique software because everything happens in real-time on live video during your online meetings on ordianry laptop (graphic card is not required).

Our team

Eldad Zamler

Eldad Zamler, Co-Founder & CEO

Eldad is a serial entrepreneur and a very experienced programmer.
He has coded over 500,000 lines of code in 25 years of experience.
He loves to code and also loves to invent and develop software

Among his previous projects were: A compiler from Ada to C++,
“Live Dist” – middleware solution for cost-effective, efficient,
selective, scalable, and near real-time database replication,

Eldad is also the CEO and founder of Galiel3.14 Ltd

Galit Zamler, Co-Founder

Galit is a business and social entrepreneur.
She is a marketing specialist, particularly at a zero marketing budget.

Galit also stands behind the most successful entrepreneurship education
program in Israeli schools, which is called
Entrepreneurship for Kids.

Galit is a lecturer and keynote speaker about entrepreneurship education.

Visit galiel314.com/aboutus.html to learn more about us.